About My Work

Much of my work is inspired by natural objects and the beauty of the Oregon landscape. Most recently, I have been making paintings out of pieced and sewn sections of canvas, which I consider an appreciation of traditional “women’s work” such as quilts. I am also intrigued by the possibilities of unusual materials (e.g., feathers or sticks) and have used such items in my recent sculptures and installations.

To learn more about the intent, content, and construction methods of my work please refer to the video interviews below.  All of the videos were made by Mario Caoile, who also conducted the interviews.

The first video features work from my November 2012 show at Blackfish Gallery.

I also discussed my work from the November 2012 show with Eva Lake on the KBOO radio program ‘Art Focus’. Here’s a link to the interview.


This next video features ‘Cabana’, my January 2012 back room installation at Blackfish Gallery.


My February 2011 solo show at Blackfish was called ‘Transfigurations’, and is featured in the following video.


The next video presents ‘Configurations’, my September 2009 Blackfish show. The show received a thoughtful mention in the Portland Mercury, which can be read here.


The following video features two installation pieces that were exhibited at Blackfish in September 2008: ‘Parachutes’ was displayed in the gallery’s back room, while ‘Gee-Haw!’ appeared in one of the gallery’s front windows.


This final video features paintings from my September 2007 show at Blackfish, which was entitled ‘Every thing that grows.’