‘Allegory’ is an installation piece that is appearing in Fishbowl 1 (one of the window spaces outside Blackfish Gallery) during the month of November.

The five human-sized figures are constructed of painted cottonwood twigs and branches connected with copper wire.  The eccentric shapes that naturally occur in cottonwood are combined here with the ivory color of the paint to create a resemblance to bones.  The three figures in the foreground are interacting with each other, with the movements of their bodies suggesting a Bruegel-like wedding dance.  In contrast, the two figures behind them are static, and their helmet-like heads are reminiscent of the headgear worn by warriors and shamans in various traditional cultures.

Artforum Review – October 2014

Stephanie Snyder wrote a very nice review of my October show for Artforum.  Click here to read her review.

Topkapi Blue (2014). 64" x 46" x 6". Oil on canvas.

Topkapi Blue (2014). 64″ x 46″ x 6″. Oil on canvas.