‘RAT/TAR/ART’ appeared in Blackfish Gallery’s ‘Irony’ theme show during the month of February 2014. The piece consists of three panels, and was inspired by my daughter‘s system of critiquing works of art.


Current projects in my studio – Feb 2014

The first piece, ‘Am I Blue?’, is a pieced canvas construction that will be shown at Blackfish Gallery’s 35th anniversary show, “Being Blackfish”, in April 2014. The materials have been recycled from my piece ‘Deluge‘, which appeared at Blackfish in January 2013. The second piece, ‘Styx – Wall’, is also made from recycled materials, in this case from the original ‘Styx‘, shown in my one-person exhibit in 2011. The last piece, ‘Sewing Circles 2’, is a follow-up to the original ‘Sewing Circles‘, which was shown in June 2013.

New Work

Welcome to my New Work page, which features pieces that I’ve recently completed along with selected works in progress. I’m usually working on several pieces at a time, and once they’re ready to share I’ll post photos of them on this page.