Floating Fields – New / Redux

‘Floating Fields’ and ‘New / Redux’ was a show that my husband, Michael Knutson, and I had at Blackfish Gallery in December 2019. If you didn’t get to see the show in person – or would like to see it again – this video gives you the chance to see it virtually. The video was made by my son Chris, and includes music by Moby (used with permission) that complements the colors, shapes, and textures of the visual works.

Music: Strata by Moby, courtesy of https://mobygratis.com


‘E Pluribus Unum’

E Pluribus Unum

I call this piece ‘E Pluribus Unum’, and true to its name (‘from many, one’ in Latin), it is one American flag made from 104 separate masks – each of which I individually sewed.  The piece was created for Blackfish Gallery’s October/November 2020 group show ‘Love Politik: One world, Indivisible‘.

The piece measures 38″ x 50.”  Red, white, and blue cotton, elastic.