‘Cabana Redux’

‘Cabana Redux’ (2019), plus the artist. Photos and the artist’s outfit by Aaron Johanson.

‘Cabana Redux’ is the third version I’ve made of my ‘Cabana’ piece. The first version, ‘Cabana‘ (2012), was a tent-like installation woven together from pieces of painted canvas; viewers could walk inside it, giving them the experience of walking inside a painting. For the second version, I deconstructed the piece and rearranged its components into three rectangles that were installed superimposed in Blackfish Gallery’s Fishbowl 1 window. For this third version I wove the pieces back together into a single rectangle.

While ‘Cabana Redux’ was on exhibit at Blackfish in December of 2019, my friend and fellow Blackfish member Aaron Johanson had the idea of creating a black-and-white outfit inspired by the forms in the piece and then having me wear it in front of the piece. These two images are from the resulting photo shoot and show Aaron’s idea brought to life!

‘Cabana Redux’ measures 108″ x 84″. Acrylic on canvas.